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Mother’s Day Wake Up Call – Club Sauce

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Club Sauce…where sauce is the art and the essence of fine cooking!

 In This Issue:

Wake up call

In the news…

Greetings to all!  Tis’ a Mother’s Day wake up call from Club Sauce with a timely array of gift ideas and special savings from our select group
of partners. Make shopping easier this year with time and gas saving ideas all from your easy chair, anytime day or night. It couldn’t be simpler and yet always appreciated – Order and ship a variety of gifts such as a lovely bouquet of flowers or a gift of her favorite wines, perhaps coffee
from Hawaii
, a fruit baskest from Florida or a delicious Maryland crab feast just for starters.

Fond memories of mom in the kitchen may be just the inspiration
you need to gift her with a membership in the Rouxbe Cooking
They are a premier lifetime partner for honing kitchen skills,
learning new cooking techniques and the gathering of recipes on her
own time. A professional school with professional training for the beginner as well as the seasoned cook (pardon the pun). I promise you there is always something new to learn when it comes to cooking. I know, I own a membership and find it a great resource and teaching tool in the kitchen or when I want to kickback and learn something new.

Click here for a free Rouxbe Cooking School. demo and cooking lesson.

The Club Sauce home page has a variety of great gift ideas offered by our premier partners as well as a number of authorized special discounts
now through Mother’s Day.

These are some of the most popular categories to delight mom on her special day.
Demi glace, stocks and finishing sauces
Aged balsamic vinegar, Saba dressing,Verjus, Pomegranate Splash
Salsa, chutney and spicy jams
BBQ sauces, seasonings and rubs
Truffles, capers and saffron
Beef, meats and wild game
Fish, seafood and caviar
Cookbooks, magazines, to cooking untensils and equipment


In the news

Important food facts and research seems to be making the news on a daily basis. I believe that much of it is overlooked or lost in this seemingly chaotic world and is worth repeating. Not only does it pertain to what we are putting into our bodies but is an overall health and well-being concern on a daily basis – if not for all, at least for most of us.

The following news caught my eye along with a related website link
to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. All in conjunction with my previous newsletter regarding the Mislabeling of Fish and Seafood (posted on The SauceTalk Newsleter Blog). This particular news item has to do with Whole Foods as well as a number of other stores and restaurants limiting the species of seafood they would carry in the future in addition to where and how the seafood was harvested.

I have created a link to the Monterey Bay Aquarium – specifically their
Seafood Watch program detailing what to buy and why with tons of additional information regarding sustainability, seafood and the sea. It is informative as well as thought provoking with information about What You
Can Do
to become more aware of the oceans around us as well as helping
in their sustainability.


Be sure to check out their Sustainable Seafood Recipes – Find ingredients at Club Sauce


Jules Silver and the Club Sauce Team


Cooking Steak: Flip-once vs Flip-Often

In This Issue:

How to Cook a Premium Steak
Flip-once vs Flip-often and More
Special Sale is Drawing to a Close – Order Now!

How to Cook a Premium Steak

In our last newsletter our affiliate partner The Rouxbe Cooking
School gave us some excellent video advice on “How to Select
Premium Steaks”
which was featured in this newsletter and on our
blog. To see or review this lesson click on the following link:
The SauceTalk Newsletter and follow the link.


Flip-once vs Flip-often and More

In this all important lesson, you will learn how to cook steak to
perfection by following a few key, but often over-looked, steak
cooking techniques.

At the end of these steak cooking lessons, you will be able to:

. cook steak to maintain maximum juiciness
. make a quick pan sauce for your steak
. understand why resting steak is important
. understand two different techniques used to cook steak
. understand the importance of cooking temperatures and
. times when cooking steak
. use a couple of different techniques for checking steak
. doneness

Rouxbe Online Cooking School & Video Recipes

You’ll find these non-commercialized non-selling videos offered
by The Rouxbe Cooking School the perfect guide for cooking a
variety of meals and recipes loaded with tips and techniques that
you can always have at your finger tips.

If you like what you see we urge you to try their 14-day FREE trial offer
sponsored by Club Sauce at the Rouxbe Cooking School website.

I am a Rouxbe Cooking School affiliate and have partnered
with Rouxbe to help you improve your cooking skills. As a partner
of their affiliate program I have the power to give you a free, full-
access, no-videos-barred, 14-day pass to their site. All you have to
do is click on the following link Rouxbe Online Cooking School and
redeem the 14-day Gift Membership. After the trial, you can join for as little
as $15 per month; however, there is no obligation. It’s awesome!
Check it out.

Special Sale is Drawing to a Close. Buy Now!

Over the last several months we have offered special pricing on all
More Than Gourmet Demi Glace and Stocks. The special pricing
will end midnight Friday, August 6, 2010. Club Sauce will continue to offer
new lower pricing for all of our products on the website and in addition
to new pricing we will be providing many new features that we know you
will find useful. Order now and save big! These products have a
long shelf life and refrigeration period after opening so even though
you might not need it now you’ll always have it at your finger tips
and ready to go. Order Now!

Happy Cooking,

Jules Silver and the Club Sauce team