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White Wine Sauce – Perfectly Prepared

February 10, 2010 by  
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White Wine Sauce: Delicious and Ready-To-Use!

Sauces define the essence of superb cuisine! Making sauces can be a challenge for many home cooks when a lack of time and ingredients stands in the way. We made it our goal to find a ready-to-use white wine sauce. Especially one that would be as good for a chef to use at fine restaurant as well as a creative home cook. We wanted a sauce that could be easily prepared for vegetables, chicken, veal and fish dishes, as well as special seafood chowders, and more.

We took our search to the street for a tasty ready-made white wine sauce. Our search began with supermarket, gourmet and specialty shops but we found very few white wine sauces to our liking. In our opinion what we did find lacked the depth and quality found in a well prepared white wine sauce that takes time to prepare correctly. Most were over salted, lacked in flavor and had less than a smooth silky texture.

To the Rescue

A company that we are familiar with recently introduced a fully prepared white wine sauce that is ready-to-use with many of the same basic ingredients they use in making their other fine lines of stocks and demi glace. More Than Gourmet White Wine Sauce is a ready to use sauce. It is carefully created with roasted chicken stock and white wine and cooked to a velvety sauce that will definitely add flavor and a range of possibilities to your plate.

The white wine sauce is considered a foundation Veloute sauce. The meaning of, Veloute in Middle French literally means velvetiness, and More Than Gourmet White Wine Sauce is velvety smooth and satisfyingly rich. Classic French chefs have patiently prepared Veloute sauces for centuries as an integral component of many delectable French dishes. This Foundation, or Mother Sauce, as it is often called, enables the cook to create many French classics as well as creative sauces for well-loved and contemporary dishes quite easily. You will find this white wine sauce perfectly prepared to lift the flavor and prime the presentation of your dish with minimal effort.

You can prepare mouthwatering and eye appealing cuisine in no time flat with this white wine sauce in your cabinet. It is shelf stable for up to 18 months, unopened, and 5 days after opening. Keep it on hand and it will always be ready when you are!

To purchase please visit or for more information and delicious recipe ideas, please see the recipes posted on this blog,

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